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Termites Control in St. Louis

Learn about termites and how to protect your property.



  • Termites cause over $5 billion each year to U.S. homeowners
  • This damage is NOT covered by homeowner’s insurance
  • Termites and Ants are often difficult to distinguish
  • Liquid treatments for termites (common method) can offer a temporary solution, but do not guarantee your house long-term protection against colonies


The Sentricon* Termite Colony Elimination System
Unlike other control methods, Sentricon can completely eliminate an entire termite colony. With ongoing monitoring by Mick’s Exterminating termite control services, Sentricon then protects your home from future invasions. As an authorized firm, Mick’s Exterminating offers years of experience controlling termites and other household pests. The Sentricon system provides total termite colony elimination. Independent studies and university research has documented this time and time again, which is something only Sentricon can claim. The Sentricon System can only be installed by professionals who have received extensive training from Dow AgroSciences on termite biology, behavior and system use. Only the Sentricon System offers the ability to track the installation, elimination and ongoing monitoring for protection against termites, via our sophisticated computer system.


Learn more about the Sentricon System here.


Environmentally Responsible
In 2000, Dow AgroSciences was the winner of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. Sentricon’s RecruitTM termite bait was the first product approved under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative.


Mick’s Exterminating was one of the initial firms to be chosen to provide Sentricon. We have consistently rated at the top of customer satisfaction per customer feedback surveys done by Dow AgroSciences.


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Your home is one of your most valuable assets and it deserves to be treated as such. So in addition to all of the time and money you already put into the place where you and your family live, there’s one more no-brainer to add to your to-do list – getting inspected for termites. They might be small, but they can’t be ignored. These pests cause over $5 billion in damage each year to U.S. homeowners. And more often than not, they’re not covered by homeowners insurance. So don’t wait until it’s too late to call us here at Mick’s Exterminating.

How do you know if you have termites?

There are a few signs you should always be on the look out for. First, look for termite droppings, which usually look like small, wood-colored pellets. Second, keep an eye out for mud tubes on the exterior of your home. Finally, if you notice small wings near an entry point of your home, it’s most likely that termites have taken over. And when termites have taken over, it’s probably time to give us a call.

Free Termite Inspection Process

Once we’ve arrived, we’ll take a through look around your property, making sure that no crevice, no matter how small, is left un-examined. Hopefully, we determine that you termite problem isn’t much of a problem at all. But no matter how many bugs have taken up residence in your house, we’ll get ready to begin the process of installing our treatment.

Long Term Termite Control

But our treatment isn’t just your standard liquid treatment. While liquid treatments might offer a temporary solution, our process provides more effective long-term protection against termites. We use the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, which can completely eliminate an entire termite colony, unlike other control methods. A system that can only be installed by professionals who have received extensive training in termite biology from Dow AgroSciences, Sentricon features ongoing monitoring from Mick’s Exterminating employees, ensuring that any future termite infestations can be stopped before they even start. It’s a system that has been backed up time and time again by independent studies that show it’s the most effective way to eradicate termites. Sentricon is also environmentally friendly and was the first product approved under the EPA’s Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative.

But we’re more than just our high-tech, highly effective termite eradication system. As a local, family owned company since 1973, we have an over 40 year track record of gaining and keeping satisfied customers. We know that a “one-size-fits-all” treatment doesn’t work for everybody. Our expert staff will understand your situation and work with you to find the best way to solve your pest problem. Above all, we’re committed to protecting your home or business from a pest invasion. And if you give us a shot, we’ll make sure to do everything we can to keep your home the way you want it to be.

For more information or to schedule a free estimate for your home, call toll free 800.291.5712.



winged termite or winged ant

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Termites can swarm in great massive groups. Learn more about swarming termites here.

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