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Silverfish (Firebrat)

Silverfish Exterminating in St. Louis



Protect your clothing, books, paper and food with our Silverfish Exterminating services

Silverfish, or Firebrats, are one of the most common and sneaky pests in Missouri. They are about 1/2 inch long and are shaped like a teardrop. Their bodies are typically slender with long very long front antennas and shorter antennas in the back. Coloring includes a silver sheen though they may appear somewhat grey or light brown depending on size, age and location.


Silverfish prefer room temperatures and high humidity. They feed on pastes, paper, protein and may harbor in mulch, cedar shake roofs, attics, crawlspace and wall voids. You will often find these pests in the bathroom or kitchen areas, especially if you live near bodies of water. Silverfish are extremely common in lake houses or cabins located in humid areas. There are about 14 species of Silverfish across North America.


How to Control a Silverfish Issue:


1. Seal all cracks and openings from outside to inside your house, especially near bathroom and kitchen areas.

2. Reduce moisture and humidity inside your home.

3. Remove, properly store or throw away stacks of papers, fabrics left untouched, food that has been stored a long time or has been gotten into.

4. If this is not enough, contact Mick’s Exterminating for your silverfish exterminating needs.


For more information on Silverfish visit the Missouri Department of Conservation’s page here.

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