The new year is the best time to reevaluate everything on your to-do list moving forward. That includes figuring out how to keep your home protected from a variety of pests throughout different seasons. Luckily for you, Mick’s Home Protection Plan offers regular treatments to your home and garage from pests of all types, all year long. The HPP is a proactive approach that helps homeowners avoid more serious and costly issues that pests can pose.


Every plan begins with an interior and exterior treatment/inspection of your home by one of our highly qualified, state-certified technicians who will check your home for any visible pest activity. We’ll apply a long-lasting proactive treatment around the interior and perimeter of your home that will prevent you from experiencing most pest problems at all. If necessary, we’ll also place rodent stations in the most effective areas.



The protection doesn’t stop after one visit. With our Home Protection Plan, technicians treat any threatening issues before they become a problem. In the spring, summer and fall, we re-apply the long-lasting treatment around the exterior of your home and in the winter, we’ll bring the same proactive approach inside. During each visit, we will also be on the lookout for any signs of pest activity that might not always be visible to the homeowner.


But the Home Protection Plan provides more than just a pest free household. Our technicians regularly offer simple tips to homeowners that can help detect and address problems before they become a serious issue. Since Mick’s stays on top of scheduling, you’ll never have to worry about remembering or scheduling your next appointment. Once you’ve signed up for the Home Protection Plan, pest prevention won’t even cross your mind.

As you start to make your list of resolutions, don’t forget to add pest control. Unlike some of your other goals, signing up for the Mick’s Home Protection Plan only requires you to do something once. From there, you can sit back and enjoy your pest-free home while we put our years of pest protection experience to work. For more information on the Home Protection Plan, contact us online or by the phone at 636-978-5700.

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