Some folks jump on chairs or countertops, others reach straight for the broom. No matter how you react, everyone can agree that the presence of a mouse in the house is a bad thing. As we move closer to winter, more and more Missouri rodents are beginning to make their way indoors. Before you find yourself fretting about a mouse in the house, consult this guide.



What’s so bad about mice? They’re kinda cute.

While pet mice may seem cute to some people, wild mice can cause quite a few problems once they get inside your home. If you keep a well-stocked pantry, mice are likely to make that the first stop on their home tour, burrowing into cereal boxes, dry goods, and bags of sweets. Mice won’t stop with the kitchen and are likely to chew up other valuables as well. As they move throughout your house, mice can also spread feces and carry disease, both of which can be hard to detect until it’s too late.


Why are mice such a problem this time of year?

Like many animals, mice start looking for someplace warm to go when the weather gets colder. Almost every house has a wealth of warm and cozy spaces that mice would love to call home. Be sure to check behind your oven, dryer, or in closets periodically for signs of mice such as chew marks, small black droppings, or nests.



What kinds of mice are common in Missouri?

House mice and deer mice are two of the most common types of Missouri rodents. When you think of mice, you’re most likely thinking of house mice. House mice are covered in short hair that is light brown or gray, with lighter bellies. Deer mice are slightly smaller than house mice and have a very distinguishable white stomach and feet.


Is there any way I can keep them out?

Preventing mice is the best way to avoid a serious infestation. Start by keeping your house clean, limiting spaces for mice to hide and live comfortably. Limit areas that mice are attracted to, such as spaces with food, by sanitizing counters and pantries and keeping food in mouse proof containers. Additionally, it’s important to locate and eliminate places of entry like cracks in walls, doors, and your foundation.



What happens if I find one?

Before considering adopting a cat, give Mick’s Exterminating a call. We can assist with everything from placing traps to managing poison in ways that keep you and your family safe and your home mouse free. We have years of experience handling every kind of pest problem, so let us put that experience to work for you. For more information on how we can help, call 636-978-5700.

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