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Chirp! Chirp!


Brown cricket

Length: 1/2 to 1 inch (not counting legs/antennas)

Coloring: black, brown or tan

Distribution: Statewide


Crickets make some of the most beautiful sounds in the insect world, but despite their melodic harmonies, crickets can be an annoying and sometimes gross pest to have in your house.


In Missouri, House Crickets, also known as Field Crickets, are a common pest year round and are often found in, around and outside the home. Crickets are omnivores and eat plant and animal matter including fruits, leafy greens, grains, other insects, meat and other items. Their habitat choices are actually quite diverse, and you can find crickets in grassy fields, lawns, pastures, prairies, by the side of the road, barns, cities and the woods.


Crickets are nocturnally active, and one of their greatest benefits is that they will eat other bugs. Another obvious boon to these pests are their use as fish bait. They are, however, known to be garden pests during the summer and fall and have been known to chew on flowers, plant stalks and grains readying for harvest.


Tips to Remove or Prevent Crickets:

Use screens on windows and doors that have very small vents

Ensure all holes around window sills, door sills and other exterior-to-interior pathways are sealed around your home

Spray and maintain your garden dutifully

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