Summer is prime time for spiders in Missouri, in fact, across the United States! Brown recluse spiders are one of the biggest problems for residential and commercial areas, hiding inside and outside homes and offices.


For example, in Texas in May, KENS 5 in San Antonio pushed out an article “Experts warn of spike in Brown Recluse spiders” See the opening line of the article below:


“Pest control experts say it’s peak season for one of the most venomous pests in Texas. The Brown Recluse spider lays eggs between April and October, making it the most common period for bites.” –Justin Bourke, KENS 5, May 29, 2015


The article goes on to include safety tips for residents during Brown Recluse mating season and cautions people to be aware and hire pest exterminators immediately to eradicate any spiders.


“It can be very serious,” said Dr. Adriana Segura in the article. Segura is an emergency room doctor at University Hospital. “You could end up in a coma or even death,” she said of people who get bitten by Brown Recluse spiders.


And summer is mating season for Brown Recluses, so it is important to be able to identify the spiders and know how to avoid them.


Identify Brown Recluse Spiders:


Know their habitat to avoid Brown Recluse Spiders:

The Brown Recluse generally prefers woodpiles, sheds, closets, garages, cellars and other places that are dry and essentially undisturbed. Note that when they are dwelling within a residence, Brown Recluse spiders favor cardboard but have also been found in shoes, dressers, bed sheets of infrequently used beds, piled clothes, inside work gloves and behind baseboards, pictures and other furniture that are near sources of warmth.


For more information on brown recluse spiders click here.


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